So I’m buying my first place 

And I look at all these furniture places and stuff and get super excited.

But everyone wants me to use the furniture and things that I already have from my dad.

But there’s two reasons I oppose this:

1) I want my place to represent me and decorate it how I want. It’s where I’ll be living for at least three more years. I want to like what I’m looking at.

2) It’s going to be terribly depressing to use everything that I had with my dad and sister. I’m going to connect the dumbest things to stupid life events. My dad wanted to get rid of all of it when we moved to start fresh. Why can’t I?

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  1. angrypants said: youre still young. you have plenty of years to get grown up furniture. nothing is wrong with hand me downs especially if your not used to paying all your own bills at first. being an adult is expensive as shit. jus sayin.
  2. blog-of-ant said: What if we spiced up the furniture? re-upholstered it? I mean, it would make them more DIYish looking if you are willing to alter the appearance… That way you can save money, still have your dads furniture, but make it more hip. Just a thought :)
  3. onenomadsway said: You can and you should. It’s your place, your money. Nothing else matters.
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